Thursday, March 16, 2006

Living in Those Big Red Boxes

Hi everyone!

Sorry bout the drought! I've been busy with work! Projects and presentations. And of course the parties! heh~

I'm flying off to Amsterdam with the Singapore Alliance over the weekend. In fact, I'm leaving for the airport within the hour. wheee! My camera is guaranteed to be maxed out!! And you can be sure I'll be posting those photos!

In the meantime, here are some snapshots of life in those big red boxes we call home. Enjoy!

Welcome to the DTU Campus Village! Do have a look around! This way leads to buildings T to Z, L and R.

The buildings are actually large containers. Much like those on ships. It is said that this is in case the residents get too attached to their rooms during their stay and can request for their rooms to be shipped home.

T Container. My container. The metal box below the sign is the mailbox. If I were to recieve any postcards from my friends at all, I would probably find some there. ahem~

Welcome to the interior. Remember to close the door behind you, it's chilly outside. Each container houses up to 9 residents. The rooms are on the sides of this common corridor. A kitchen and toilet facility is shared by all.

The kitchen. Where I have learnt to cook several decent dishes and mastered how to do those cool flip moves with the pan. Next, I need to learn how to keep the food on the pan when I do the flip.

It has 4 electric stoves and a full oven. I'm planning to learn how to cook some international dishes from my container-mates. So far, there's Portugese, Spanish, Botswanian, French, Parkistan cuisine to choose from. If I can just perfect a char kway tiao, I'm sure we can start trading receipes!!

Ah~ The dinning area. Where many a successful dish was enjoyed and an equal number of lies were told about how delicious the food was. Container T is the offical hang-out for the majority of the Singapore Alliance.

This is also where many parties are thrown. To throw a party, simply pass the word around that there are many kegs of beer available. As long as you know someone in the party, you're invited! So many parties and so many people to meet. And so much beer.

Ok, so only my container does not have a dish rack. Someone probably chopped it up for a fire one cold winter night. But hey, we are a harmonious bunch and always clean up after we cook and eat.

Ta da~ Our fridge. Where lots of fast to cook, and good to eat stuff can be found. 90% of which are hot dogs, meat patties, ham slices and fries. We try to be healthy. At first, my Spore friend Song Ning was declared war against such fast food. But later he declared war as he swallowed the food.

Doing the laundry is very tedious. First, from my room, I need to walk about 5 meters to the washing machine and dump my clothes in. And as if that's not enough, I need to hit P4 for normal wash. After 15 mins I put it into the dryer. And horror, I need to press 4 for normal spin. And after a while, I retrieve my clothes. What a chore! What's the world coming up to?

This is my cozy little room. Every room has a large pin board. The majority of my board is occupied by the travel highlights of Copenhagen city. Oh, and the brouchre of all the pizzas from the pizzaria in DTU. The pizzas there are huge! I need to visit that place again soon man.

And behold, my cupboard. I'm risking my precious stash of cookies and cup noodles by revealing their exact location here. But then again, my container-mate Siong Yang usually comes in and helps himself to my food. Thanks, Siong Yang, I'll never be able to finish my food without your help!

Here's my sofa bed! By day, it can be adjusted into a sofa and by night, it can be folded down into a bed. Nice and comfy!

But you know what's special? The feeling of opening your window and realising that just outside, the snow is falling and you're still nice and warm inside.

Siong Yang, my container mate is renouned far and wide for his work attitude. Just look at him working at the computer again. At 3am in the morning! Always working through the night! So motivated! I'm proud of you!

Here's our little collection. After about 2 weeks. For the uninformed, it's made up of Carlsberg and Turborg. The 2 local Danish brands of mineral water.

What??!! I must have come at a bad time. Siong Yang, playing DOTA at this hour? He must have finished studying at least 5 chapters of our module Advanced Data Communications. Come on, it's SEP, relax!

Today's my shift cooking at the kitchen. We are split into 2 shifts. And there's always friendly competition among us to produce delicious delights.

After discussing with my team, we decide to up the standard and whip up something special. Grace is busy preparing the bacon bits for our baked potatoes. emmm em!

Song Ning is busy getting the pan. Couldn't do without you, Song Ning! Thanks for always reminding us to take our greens! heh~

Long beans with onions and sausages. Unfortunately I couldn't find my French friend Omar. The dish could have been perfect with a French name. like oeur de beanu longeette or something. Oh, well, next time.

Check out the baked potatoes with crispy bacon bits and a generous dolop of mayonaise. Super!

And the crispy oven baked fish fillet with butter and mayonaise. Just pretend you didn't see the black part.
Some of the Container T dinner gang. Yuan Shuo, Grace, Song Ning, me and Siong Yang on the camera. Yuan Heng was not around that day. But enough already, let's dig in!!!


Blogger Eriol said...

those container blocks are neat!!!! not ur sink tho... =X

*laffs at SY n his dota* XD

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Jason said...

Hey...the environment looks quite good. Bet you are having a swell time there. Ur portable HD filled with all the downloads yet? LOL.

7:36 PM  
Blogger &dru said...

hey eriol!

actually, that picture of the sink was on a good day! haha~ but my container mates always clean up after they're done! how's school?

2:26 AM  
Blogger &dru said...


wow~ how do you know? had to get extra hard disks from back home. now at 80GB *4. hope it lasts! heheh

2:27 AM  
Blogger Camila said...

Hi my name is Camila .
How much you pay to university for this rooms?



4:00 PM  

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